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Study Smart

24 Tips on How to smart study
# Be good to yourself.

* Keep physically fit and rested.

# Attitude is all-important.

* Use positive affirmations: "I can pass American History."
* Provide your own psychological edge, be it a positive attitude or a "lucky pen."

# Be a chronic enthusiast!
# Used textbooks may provide insights on a course.
# Sit in the front row;

* if you must sit toward the back of the room, lean forward.
* Attentiveness and concentration increase markedly.

# Don't miss the first and last minutes of class.

* They are crucial — important announcements, questions on test, etc.

# Use a variety of study techniques.

* a. Tape chapters (find out if your textbook has companion pod cast chapters). Listen on way to school, work.
* b. Use index cards for quick review.
* Keep them simple. Throw your highlighter away!
* Remember: frequent review takes facts from short-term memory to long-term memory — learning as opposed to cramming.

# Study in short bursts.

* (First and last facts are remembered best; therefore, it will accelerate learning.)

# Review notes immediately after class.

* Even for five minutes.
* Something magical happens!

# Review your notes out loud.

* Read your chapters out loud.

# Appearance raises grades.

* Neatness counts.
* Word processors are a plus.
* If a handwritte assignment is acceptable, use erasable pen.

# Don't waste time rereading.

* Rely on "pen in hand" and SQ3R.

# Test professors before they test you.

* Ask questions about what kind of test to expect,
* what material will be covered.

# Become an expert test taker.
# Go with initial hunches.
# Stay with initial hunches.
# Study according to your biological clock.

* Are you "normal," a night owl, or an early bird?

# Eliminate stress in your life.
# EXERCISE is the best antidote.
# Make extra credit mandatory.
# Never miss a class.

* This is considered mandatory by "A" students.

# Be prepared to bail out.

* Don't be afraid to drop a course that is not working for you., BUT be aware of all official dates to withdraw and any vital state legislative restrictions ( Texas has a limit on total number of W hours.)

# Volunteer to edit a friend's paper.

* Use it as a learning experience.

# Study smart—not hard!
# Time management skills and discipline pay off.
# Stay mentally, physically and spiritually fit.

Stop Smoking Tip

Stop Smoking Tips provides all the information on how to quit smoking

According to a recent report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 20% of male and female adults in the U.S. smoke cigarettes, while more than 80% of them light up a cigarette every day. The reason why smoking has become such an issue is because the addictive effects of nicotine lead to various types of cancers, strokes, and heart attacks. As such, everyday is the RIGHT TIME to quit smoking.

The main goal of Stop-Smoking-Tips.com is to assist smokers aspiring to quit smoking and prevent smokers from having the urge to start smoking again. Once you quit smoking, you can immediately feel the health benefits of your decision within 24 hours, which could lead you to be free from smoking cigarettes forever.

The information on this website is based on evidence from research on stop smoking programs, stop smoking aids and counseling, which are aimed at helping people to quit smoking for good.

For smokers, to Stop Smoking is really a tough action to take. Majority of smokers want to quit smoking, but find it difficult to do so as nicotine is very addictive and hard to get rid off. We will teach you the easiest, most effective and systematic methods to stop smoking, which are tested by various studies worldwide. We will also provide you with a clear understanding of the dangers of smoking and the benefits of quitting smoking.

There are two factors that will determine your success in quitting smoking for good. They are;

  • Will - You must have the desire to give up your habit of smoking and create a strong will to avoid a smoking relapse.
  • Mindset – You must learn about the effects of smoking, understand its consequences and face the fact that you need to stop smoking and follow, finish and maintain a quit smoking plan.

Step 1: Think About Quitting

According to a recent survey, around 15 million smokers try to quit smoking each day. However, less than 3% of these people stop smoking successfully for 3 to 12 months. If you’re thinking about quitting or have stopped smoking but failed to quit, don’t lose hope because smokers often try to quit more than once before they actually succeed.

In this section, you will learn about the history of cigarette smoking, facts about smoking, smoking cessation and benefits of quitting smoking. To give you a strong reason to quit smoking, this section will also tackle dangerous diseases – such as lung cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, etc – caused by smoking cigarettes. In addition, this section will explain the reasons why it is extremely hard to quit smoking, hurdles in quitting and possible nicotine withdrawal symptoms that you may encounter throughout this process.

Step 2: Effects of Smoking

Years of clinical studies have proven that using Tobacco causes people to become sick, disabled or die. Since the first Surgeon General’s Report in 1964, over 12 million smoking-related deaths have occurred. More than 500,000 deaths in the U.S are caused from smoking-related illnesses. Adult smokers reduce their lifespan by an average of 13 to 14 years.

In this section, you will learn about the dangerous effects and health risks of smoking. You will understand the facts about smoking addiction, the hazardous effects of smoking on a pregnant woman, on passive smokers, on your facial charm, on your teeth and on your general well being. You will also learn how stress could play a role in cigarette smoking. This section also deals with the effects on secondhand smoke, effects of smoking on vitamin A and C, dangerous effects of smoking on men and women, as well as the differences between cigar and pipe smoking.

Step 3: Preparing To Quit Smoking

The first key to quitting smoking successfully is planning and preparation. You need to prepare your body and mind before actually quitting. Determine your personal goals, discover your reasons for quitting and get rid of temptations that may become a hindrance to your stop smoking program. Tobacco smoke contains nicotine, a drug that is addictive and can make it very hard, but not impossible, to quit.

In this section, you will face the facts about nicotine addiction before your last stick of cigarette. You will learn the most effective steps to be followed when planning to quit smoking. You will also find out about the real reason why it is so hard to quit smoking. To help you plan your quit smoking program, you need to confront your personal reasons to start quitting and understand what you need to do stop smoking. This section also deals with the psychological recovery stages to stop smoking and provides helpful tips to quit smoking.

Step 4: Stop Smoking Tips

Even if you have no idea where to start and what to do, you can quit smoking as long as you have the mindset and commitment to do so. Stop smoking tips can help you create a good stop smoking plan and lifestyle changes that could lead to a healthier, smoke-free life.

In this section, you will learn some of the simplest ways and useful tips to quit smoking for good. You can choose from several psychological areas that can help you to stop smoking based on your lifestyle. This section also deals with stop smoking tips that will help your loved ones quit this deadly habit and tips on how to overcome nicotine withdrawal symptoms using an effective stop smoking plan, attending support groups and establishing a smoking cessation program.

Step 5: Stop Smoking Aids

When smoking cigarettes has played a large part in your life, quitting smoking may not be that simple. Fortunately, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved seven over-the-counter stop smoking aids – five of these help in managing nicotine withdrawal symptoms, while the other two help in reducing cigarette cravings.

In this section, you will learn about different proven stop smoking methods like Water Therapy, Psychological Therapy and Nicotine Replacement Therapy. This section also deals with other useful stop smoking aids such as nicotine nasal sprays, nicotine lozenges, nicotine inhalers, nicotine patches, nicotine gum and stop smoking pills.

Step 6: Stay a Quitter

After sometime, some quitters get back to their smoking habit due to temptation and persistent nicotine carving. Some may slip and puff “just one cigarette”, while others experience total relapse. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, smokers who quit are at greater risk of relapsing in the first three months of becoming smoke-free.

In this section, you will learn effective methods in avoiding nicotine carvings, while training how to control urges through breathing exercises. To understand what you are going to experience through this process, you need to learn and manage nicotine withdrawal symptoms. This section also tackles steps to manage weight gain, discusses FAQ on common frustrations of a quitter, handle traumatic events without a cigarette and other possible solutions for ex-smokers.

Stop Smoking Products

Some people may find it difficult to quit smoking without any aids or nicotine replacements. If you’re one of them, you still have hope because there are numerous stop smoking products available in the market today to make quitting an easier journey.

In this section, you will discover the quit smoking products available in the market today, reviews of each product and ranking of the top quit smoking products. To understand what each product can do for your body, the frequently asked questions section about ‘Quit Smoking’ Products can help you understand and choose an appropriate stop smoking product for your program.

Health Risks of Smoking

Smoking is one of the main causes of serious health diseases, such as cancer, stroke and heart problems. If you have no plans of quitting today, having knowledge of the different types of illnesses that you may experience through years of smoking may change your perception and lead you to stop smoking.

In this section, you will discover how smoking affects various parts of the body including the eyes, nose, throat, lungs, heart, skin, blood, etc. Here are some possible health effects of smoking:

• Lung Cancer
• Heart Diseases
• High Blood Pressure
• Bad Breath
• Gum Disease
• Depression
• Snoring
• Diabetes
• Infertility on men and women
• Thyroid Disease
• Harmful effects on Bones and Joints

This section also includes tips for reducing the health risks of smoking like heart attacks and blood pressure as well as dangers involved in breastfeeding while smoking.

Our Love

You hold my hand, I caress your lips,
You look into my eyes and my heart beat skips.
I stroke your back skin so soft and smooth,
I admire your face, every line, every groove.
We move in a little closer, our bodies entwine,
you touch my neck, it sends shivers down my spine.
You whisper that you love me and I know it's true
because I feel it in my heart and I love you too.

You Sherry

You are my world.
You are my life.
You are my everything.
You are my wife.

You are my best friend.
You are my lover.
You are my dreams come true.
You are my shelter, my cover.

You are my sun in the sky.
You are my moonlight at night.
You are all the good in the world.
You are all that is right.

You are all that I see.
You are all that I feel.
You are all that I need.
You are all that is real.

A Special World

A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break
A new one forms in its wake
To bind us closer and keep us strong
In a special world, where we belong.

How to Download YouTube Songs

1. Step 1
Go to the YouTube video which has the song you want to download. Then highlight and copy the web address of the video, which can be accomplished either by copying what is listed in the "URL" box of the video's info, or go to your address bar to do it.
2. Step 2
Navigate to "http://vixy.net" to access an online converter Website. Make sure not to put "www.vixy.net" on your address bar because that will direct you to an incorrect domain.
3. Step 3
Paste the YouTube URL into the "URL" box on the Vixy Website. Make sure that the URL code is listed correctly as shown in the example on the page. You will get an error if the URL code is incorrect, and you will not be able to download your YouTube song.
4. Step 4
Click on the "Converts To" drop-down menu and select either "MP3 (Audio Only)", "MP4 for IPod/PSP," or "3GP for Mobile" to convert your YouTube song. You may also opt to convert the song along with the video that accompanied it by selecting either "AVI for Windows" or "MOV for Mac."
5. Step 5
Press "Start" to begin your conversion. A progress bar will show you how much percent it has converted, as well as the size of the original YouTube video. Once the bar has reached 100 percent, a window will open prompting you to save the file. Click "Save" to begin downloading your YouTube song.

Beauty Beyond Memory

When memories cry
When memories fade and die

I'm going to grow old
My passion
My fiery passion
My flaming lust is going to grow cold

But my heart will always flow with a molten, love lava
In your name this lava flows through my veins
My heart beats for you
My heart will never cease to beat your name

When I lose my charm and my glamour
When I lose my physique and my game
When I'm old and wrinkly
When I cannot look myself in the mirror
I'll still stare at you

When memories fade
When I forget the days of the week
And the months of the year
When I mix names
And faces
The memory of you
Will always shine bright and clear
Your image
Has been burnt to my memory
I will never forget your radiance and beauty

I will die happy
With the image of your sweet smile
On my mind
And love
On my lips and in my heart

How to save/download video from YouTube ?

Why you should download/save videos from youtube :
You found an interesting video from youtube and you want to save/download it to your computer and later share it with your friend or keep it as a collection. However, by default Youtube doesn't allow users to save/download the videos. It only allow user to send a hyperlink to the friends and invite them to go to youtube website to view the videos.
It will become a problem because these video may gone forever due to copyright infringement issues, why not save/download the video before it's too late ?
Steps to save/download the video from youtube
For Internet Explorer (PC) users
1) Click your favourite video clip, you can see the URL in your browser becomes something like this :

2) highlight the URL (like above) and right click the mouse and select "copy"
3) Paste the URL at our download page (our download page not only can download youtube video, but also google video , MySpace video and more)
4) When the download link shows, You should right-click -> "Save Target As" OR copy and paste the link into your download manager. Note: You must change the file extension to .flv
5) The .flv file is not a common multimedia file, you need a software called FLV player to play it. Click here to get Free FLV Player
6) Install the FLV player into your computer.
7) Select the video clip that you downloaded and play
8) If you want to convert the FLV video and play it in IPod, PSP, mobile phone(3GP format), then you need to download FLV Converter

Near You

'Neath velvet cloth of night and shadows,
my heart confessed its thoughts to the wind.
I could feel your smile from a distance
with the touch of your closeness profound.

The sun reached behind a fading sky,
so the moon could take its proper place.
Day to darkness, brightened by the stars,
leaving upon the blue waters
a shimmering portrait of your face.

You, with all your savoring sweetness,
tenderly pierced the walls of my soul
as you wove a new tapestry with
the golden threads of your hope and love.

Yesterday you offered me courage,
today you endowed me with your strength.
Every moment together, a gift.
Every day a celebration of life.

How lovely the music of your heart.
You are the air I breathe, sound I hear
and the spirit that gently moves me.
I don't wish for the moon, I have the stars.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Nowadays, television has become the most popular media of human kind. It’s also the indispensable device in our daily life. By watching television, we can see many things happened in the surrounding us world, therefore it help us to catch and avoid being dropped back from the world of information. Everyone must agree that the advantages of watching television are very considerable. But beside those benefits , there are some disadvantages that we must notice to be sure that we watch television most effectively.
Beginning from the first one, I must say that television is one of the most important invention in transforming information history . From very long ago, people had already known how to transform information in many different ways but only when the first television programmed was broadcasted , a new age had begun , the age of image transformation.
Television nowadays has been very popular, and almost every family have the access to it. By sitting ideally at home, watching television , you can get a whole look all over the world. The appearance of television and television broadcasting enriches our entertainments. Many events and competition can be watched “live” and many exclusive movies are presented as well, but all are legal and you’re free to enjoy them. In addition, if you want to travel but do not have enough money, I suggest you can enjoy traveling in the television, for example watching the discovery channel or national geography channel.
Many people turn on the television to unwind after a hard day in the office or school. It takes their mind off their responsibilities. Apart from that, watching television also can release their pressure. The variety of programmed, such as comedies and dramas, entertain the viewer and enable them to relax.
Furthermore, the television deserve considered as the unlimited source of information. There are a lot of scientific channel which is suitable for all ages. Those are the fastest and cheapest way to improve your knowledge. Today, television specializes into many channels, each channel satisfies the different audience’s view such as news , sport, and film . So that, we do not have to be a passive viewer. By pressing several simple buttons, you can see your appropriate programmed that fit your taste.
Everything contains good side and bad side and television has no exception . Wasting time is one of the inherent disadvantage of watching television. Let’s imagine : if one day , one person spends a hour watching television without gaining any useful information , then in one year he will waste 365 hours. With that time, you can learn several language as well as finish some studying course.
On the other hand , television programmed are not always suitable for all ages. Sometimes, there are some movies contain sexual material and violence which affected the stormy phase of growing of children and teenagers and should not be watched, even by some adults. It will be extremely dangerous if parents neglect their children to discover the television programmed themselves as they will immediately take influence of what they see . To rectify this situation, parents must supervise their children‘s television watching throughout their childhood and adolescence period. In the aspect of health , spending hours watching television is harmful to your eyesight . Why don’t play some sport and breathe the fresh air .When your eyes are tired , you ‘d better let them rest than continue to paste them in the screen.
However the viewer may find the television so entertaining that they forget their responsibilities. Children do not complete their homework and neglect their studies. Both adult and children may lack sleep due to staying up late to watch a show.
It is important that people do not become too preoccupied with watching television. While they may benefit from some programmers, watching too much television is not advisable.

I do not know you well, but what I know

I do not know you well, but what I know
Enchants me, like a song sung far away.
I cannot hear the words, but what they say
Hangs softly on the hills where I must go.

I see you furtively and note your eyes,
Hazel and dreamy, your spirit half elsewhere;
I note the sheen of your dark, lustrous hair
And wish I knew your thoughts and shared your cries.

This love brings me sweet pain, but I want more,
Driven by a dream I can't control.
I want the truth of you, untamed and whole;
In frantic hope I haunt your open door.